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Links going to off-site articles may have expired. We try to keep them updated, but all too often news organizations do not maintain a comprehensive database older than a month or two; or news is later archived under new names and locations; or in the case of the New York Times the article stands a good chance of disappearing after its initial publication, only to resurface some weeks or months later. We understand the inconvenience that this sometimes poses for readers who would like to find background information or to trace a current issue's antecedent.

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Tue, Sep 30, 1997
Jiang picks Hu
younger cadre to step up to powerful Standing Committee

Mon, Sep 29, 1997
Provisional Legislature passes controversial bill
reconfiguration designed to reduce power of political parties

Thu, Sep 25, 1997
Rubin in Beijing
Treasury secretary speaks about Sino-US relations, human rights and economic reforms

Wed, Sep 24, 1997
Busy Day of Diplomacy
China & US hash out preparations for summit, while US & Japan announce new security pact and Li Peng inks deal for Kazakh oil

Tue, Sep 23, 1997
Last son of Chiang Kai-shek dies
rival to Lee Teng-hui spent final years as party outcast

Mon, Sep 22, 1997
Economics and Finance
'Can China really reform itself'?

Sun, Sep 21, 1997
Standing Committee Announced

Thu, Sep 18, 1997
National Congress Wrap Up
newspapers declare Jiang the winner

Tue, Sep 16, 1997
Congress Update
shadows of Tiananmen cast Jiang and company in different light

Mon, Sep 15, 1997
Leadership Endorses Massive Restructuring
entire nation will be affected as efforts aim to pare losses

Thu, Sep 11, 1997
National Congress Coverage
congress abuzz over expected radical overhaul of state-owned sector

Wed, Sep 10, 1997
On Eve of Convention, Glimpses of the Issues
corruption and reform are two issues in the news

Tue, Sep 9, 1997
Taiwan Calls for China to See Differences, Open Talks
Taiwan takes hard-line while keeping channels open for discussion

also: CCP ends 7th plenum; 'no mercy' in Xinjiang; and more . . .

Mon, Sep 8, 1997
Panama update
Taiwan considers aid to Panama Canal development scheme

also: Tung Chee-hwa arrives in US; China puts squeeze on 'fees'; Dalai Lahma to open office in Taipei; Greenpeace protests in Taipei; a lost friend

Sun, Sep 7, 1997
Sino-Japanese Relations
history and fears about 'new world order' concern China and Asian countries

also: NPC Chair Qiao Shi on the fall; Taipei wishes CCP well ; and French firms ink deal for Guangxi power . . .

Sat, Sep 6, 1997
Lee Meets with Gen. Chang
leader of Xian Incident reportedly maintains ties with CCP
also: labor unrest grows; Beijing executive-mayor resigns; and downturn in SE Asia market is opportunity for Beijing . . .

Thu, Sep 4, 1997
Lee Teng-hui Starts Trip to Americas
also: Beijing objects to US granting Lee a night in Honolulu; Taiwan news round-up; calls from parties for political reform; Japanese PM in Beijing; and more . . .

Wed, Sep 3, 1997
Protests in Sichuan
also: aid to Jiang calls for political reform; modernizing personnel management; and Taiwan anticipates spring talks

Fri, Apr 25, 1997
[headline not available]

Wed, Apr 23, 1997
Victory For Journalists
also: Jiang Zemin in Russia; Dalai Lama in Washington; Attorney General discusses 'national security'; info on AIDS in Hong Kong; Black Watch concludes final British maneuvers in colony; and more . . .

Wed, Apr 16, 1997
Human Rights Resolution Fails
also: Russian defense minister in Beijing; Taida changes school calendar; Taiwan to establish trade office in Burma; Last Post marks end of last British naval base; . . .

Sat, Apr 12, 1997
Burma Focus
Thajan festival in Honolulu; exploring human rights and democracy; 'Freedom from Fear'; reports from the UN Commission on Human Rights; a trip to the China-Burma border . . .

Fri, Apr 11, 1997

the editor takes the evening off; HTML version of HK govt. commentary on proposed amendments; Chinese art and music sources; a view of America from a liuxue sheng; and of course much more . . .

Thu, Apr 10, 1997
Outrage in Hong Kong over Tung's Plan
also: HK govt. responds to proposed changes; iron ore imports to rise on mainland; direct cross-strait shipping moving forward; Beijing bans German & Netherlands meat; and more . . .

Wed, Apr 9, 1997
Civil Liberties 'Struck a Blow' in Hong Kong
also: human rights at the UN and Aung San Suu Kyi on Burma's problems; Hanoi & Beijing begin talks; western provinces criticize central govt.; info on internet in Hong Kong and Asia

Tue, Apr 8, 1997
Human Rights, Taiwan and A Senator's View
also: National Review declares itself winner; Beijing & Hanoi set to talk; info on 64 mb DRAM chips; AIDS on the rise; Lao She's 'Rickshaw' and other stories; post-Mao Protestant Christianity

Mon, Apr 7, 1997
Support for Human Rights Resolution Dissolves
also: Ukraine denies Taiwan minister a visa; Kazakhstan arrests Uighurs; more info on Asia Car; assessment of Dalai Lama's Taiwan visit; and much more . . .

Sun, Apr 6, 1997
Vying For Gas & Oil In Central Asia
also: quakes strike Xinjiang; ultra-nationalism in Japan; stamping out pirated discs; and more . . .

Sat, Apr 5, 1997
While Leaders Plant Trees, Others Flock To Pay Respects
also: drilling rig still operating in 'PRC's waters'; report on petroleum production; a look at the Asia Car; story on industrial espionage; and more . . .

Fri, Apr 4, 1997
KMT Wants To Give President More Power
also: drilling platform leaves Vietnam's waters; local politics in mainland China; news on provisional legislature; Invitations for July 1 going out; info on Yellow River; and more . . .

Thu, Apr 3, 1997
PRC Says US Must Speak With One Voice
also: Taiwan sticks to its PRC policies; PRC and Thailand ink deals; Thailand to support PRC bid for WTO; Vietnam and PRC to meet; and more . . .

Mon, Mar 31, 1997
Regional Ties: PRC, Thai and Vietnam Relations
also: Australia's Howard pushes trade relations; Taiwan to prosecute spy; and more . . .

Wed, Apr 2, 1997
Taiwan & PRC Posture Over Unity Question
also: Gingrich & Taiwan VP meet; Hong Kong edits its way out of colonialism; info on DPP and Taoyuan county; US to push human rights resolution; and more . . .

Tue, Apr 1, 1997
US 'Down Plays' Gingrich's Remarks
also: PRC rebukes Australia for its tough language; Sino-Thai relations are 'brotherly'; PRC says missing dissident is alive and well; Xinhua bureau chief dies by own hand; and more . . .

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