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Links going to off-site articles may have expired. We try to keep them updated, but all too often news organizations do not maintain a comprehensive database older than a month or two; or news is later archived under new names and locations; or in the case of the New York Times the article stands a good chance of disappearing after its initial publication, only to resurface some weeks or months later. We understand the inconvenience that this sometimes poses for readers who would like to find background information or to trace a current issue's antecedent.

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Sun, Mar 30, 1997
Reporters Sued for Libel: report on Clinton-KMT funds link touches raw nerve
also: Gingrich says US will defend Taiwan; more info on Japanese aid program; Thailand & Vietnam talk; change in HK rules for British citizens; and more . . .

Sat, Mar 29, 1997
Tenacity of Tradition in Hong Kong
also: Japan resumes aid to PRC; expose on Qiao Shi; Uyghur students' open letter; info on BOT and energy projects; info on Chinese medicine; and more . . .

Fri, Mar 28, 1997
Gingrich Tries to Be Tough on Beijing
also: DPP magistrate takes office in Taoyuan; more info on Dalai Lama's Taiwan trip; HK shadow govt. bickers with itself; US presses Taiwan on pork; and more . . .

Thu, Mar 27, 1997
As British Empire Departs Hong Kong, Another One of Sorts Takes Shape
also: Dalai Lama sees HK as model for Tibet; Jiang warns Gore about Taiwan; PRC refutes UN Human Rights report; info on Beijing & Vietnam row; and more . . .

Wed, Mar 26, 1997
Normalizing Sino-US relations
also: Dalai Lama holds peace prayer; Taiwan flies in hog immunizations; Kazakh official comments on Xinjiang unrest; Russia & PRC strengthen relations; PRC navy leaves Manila with speech; and more . . .

Tue, Mar 25, 1997
Tung Chee-hwa's 'mainland' focus
also: reports of executions in Xinjiang and organizing exiled Uighurs; Taiwan calls for link-up with mainland on fighting drugs

Mon, Mar 24, 1997
Hog Epidemic: Wide, Lasting Consequences
also: Al Gore in Beijing, signs deals, recites poetry; Dalai Lama's activities in Taiwan; Vietnam calls for expert-group to resolve PRC drilling; archeological sites spring up on mainland

Sun, Mar 23, 1997
Reports on Dalai Lama's Taiwan Tour
foot-and-mouth disease strikes Taiwan's hogs; Tung calls for closer ties with China; changes in China's housing system; mainland navy pays visit to Philippines

Sat, Mar 22, 1997

Dalai Lama in Taiwan and earthquake in Tibet; Tung appoints 3 task forces; frustration with hand over preparations; boning up on colony's facts; and more . . .

Fri, Mar 21, 1997

Uighurs protest in front of Chinese embassy; ASEAN supports Vietnam; PRC not happy with Cambodia; HK's Lee in N. America; Dalai Lama arrives in Taiwan; and more . . .

Thu, Mar 20, 1997

PRC delegation AWOL in Japan; consolidations in PRC's auto industry; Gingrich to Taiwan; strait relations; update on cyanide and water; and more . . .

Wed, Mar 19, 1997
Cracks in the Core of PRC Leadership ?
also: Xinjiang says no to relocation plan; PRC wants to sell missiles to mid-east; local politics 'significant'; archaeological dig unearths gods; and more . . .

Tue, Mar 18, 1997
Sino-Burma Relations
also: Korean defector arrives in Philippines; Vietnam to press its case; Thai delegation to PRC; hot bets in Hong Kong; and more . . .

Mon, Mar 17, 1997
PRC's Quest for Oil
also: news on Korean defector; web sites on Xinjiang and Uighurs; Taiwan buys missiles on the cheap; research information resources; and more . . .

Sun, Mar 16, 1997
'Anti-China' Mood in the US
also: notes about China's laws; PRC confident about WTO bid; on the verge of a new tradition in Chinese music; Tang ceramics; and more . . .

Sat, Mar 15, 1997
Another Bomb in Xinjiang
also: exploring 'Chinese' influence in US politics; HK people worried about corruption; info on Shanghai; stories of old China and Kung-fu novels; and more . . .

Fri, Mar 14, 1997
Hong Kong Budget: 'continuity in a time of change'
also: NPC closes session; denial in Xinjiang; Taiwan stumbles over names for HK & Macao 'areas'; and more . . .

Thu, Mar 13, 1997
[headline not available]

Wed, Mar 12, 1997

A show of ethnic unity in Beijing; Li Peng advises Sichuan, talks about Chongqing; CPPCC calls for unity; US intelligence monitoring PRC influence in campaigns; more info on population control measures; and more . . .

Tue, Mar 11, 1997
Patten Responds to Qian
also: Xinjiang vows to smash 'bad people'; PRC censoring foreign media; info on Chongqing; and more . . .

Mon, Mar 10, 1997
Hong Kong Textbooks to Change
also: officials deny link between Beijing & Xinjiang bombs; international trade with China; questions of Chinese influence in US elections; Taiwan plane hijacked to Xiamen; info on Sichuan; and more . . .

Sun, Mar 9, 1997
Family Planning &
the Environment

also: NPC hears about budget; Asean and China conclude Beijing meeting; more news on Kazakhstan; caution to Taiwan; investment prospects in PRC; and more . . .

Sat, Mar 8, 1997
The NPC's Agenda
also: Taiwan arrests two for espionage; news from Hong Kong; and more . . .

Fri, Mar 7, 1997
Bomb Blasts Bus in Beijing
also: HK govt. explains budget; importance of Sino-US ties; PLA looks for life insurance; China's Korean dilemma; and more . . .

Thu, Mar 6, 1997
Beijing Feels Ethnic
Nationalism in Xinjiang

also: U.S. foreign policy; HK budget; on making a province from a city; and more. . .

Wed, Mar 5, 1997
PRC Collective Leadership
also: Taiwan's perspective on the 'Taiwan question'; more water; re-evaluating Tiananmen; and more. . .

Tue, Mar 4, 1997
Finding Balance Between HK and PRC
also: the PLA's budget grows; Li Peng talks about ethnic problems; Taiwan and U.S. air travel; computers; and more . . .

Mon, Mar 3, 1997
[headline not available]

Sun, Mar 2, 1997
Perspectives on Deng
also: Hong Kong's new chief executive ranks priorities; and more . . .

Sat, Mar 1, 1997
China mixes politics with business in Hong Kong
also: reports on Chinese press; job markets in China; natural earthquake in Xinjiang; Li Peng keeps quiet on Mao; real estate in Shanghai; Chinese calligraphy and maps; and more . . .

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