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Links going to off-site articles may have expired. We try to keep them updated, but all too often news organizations do not maintain a comprehensive database older than a month or two; or news is later archived under new names and locations; or in the case of the New York Times the article stands a good chance of disappearing after its initial publication, only to resurface some weeks or months later. We understand the inconvenience that this sometimes poses for readers who would like to find background information or to trace a current issue's antecedent.

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Fri, Feb 28, 1997
Taiwan Remembers '2-28'
also: China moves closer to the WTO; bombers arrested in Urumqi; and a look at a new Chinese-language learning tool

Thu, Feb 27, 1997

The CPCC opens for business; India investigates 'infiltration' by Chinese troops; China and S. Korea talk; more news on Xinjiang and explosives; Taiwan's aid to Central America; and more . . .

Wed, Feb 26, 1997
PLA: Study Jiang's Speech
also: an update on Xinjiang; issues facing the Hong Kong educational system; requests for water; Taiwan and Okinawa; and more . . .

Tue, Feb 25, 1997
Bombs Blast Urumqi
also: stories on Sino-American relations; water in Shandong; putting students out of business; and selling second-hand merchandise

Mon, Feb 24, 1997

Deng's funeral, Sino-American relations, and the military pledges its support to Jiang

Sun, Feb 23, 1997
Unity On All Sides
two perspectives on national unity and cohesion in China

Sat, Feb 22, 1997
China Emphasizes Unity:
CCP, Army and People will 'build socialism with Chinese characteristics'

Fri, Feb 21, 1997
Politics as Usual
stories about Jiang Zemin, calls for unity, and China's foreign relations

Thu, Feb 20, 1997
The Deng Legacy:
Social, economic and political problems plague current leadership

Wed, Feb 19, 1997
Deng Xiaoping Dies at 92
news stories probe his legacy and significance to modern China

Tue, Feb 18, 1997
[headline not available]

Mon, Feb 17, 1997
[headline not available]

Sun, Feb 16, 1997
[headline not available]

Sat, Feb 15, 1997
[headline not available]

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