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Tue, Jan 27, 1998
Local Election Coverage
KMT sweeps local elections

Thu, Jan 22, 1998
Ambulant Siew, pt. II
Premier is mum about details of trip to Indonesia

Wed, Jan 21, 1998
Ambulant Siew
on secret mission Premier causes stir with Indonesian trip

Thu, Jan 15, 1998
Asia's Economics
Tung tells it as it is, and China's leadership soberly faces problems ahead

Wed, Jan 14, 1998
Siew in Manila
surprise visit sparks stern message from Beijing

Mon, Jan 12, 1998
Exercising Power
DPP works to fashion acceptable mainland China policy

Sat, Jan 10, 1998
Regional Market Turmoil
11/1/98 Sunday update; and China faces pitfalls ahead

Wed, Jan 7, 1998
Anticipating Change
considering social security, and political matrix in Guangdong to transform?

Tue, Jan 6, 1998
Holiday in the Sun, pt. II
Beijing sends stern message to Singapore

Mon, Jan 5, 1998
Holiday Fun
Premier Lien Chan goes to Singapore, golfs with officials . . .

Tue, Dec 23, 1997
Cross-strait relations
Lee says next move is in Beijing's court

Mon, Dec 22, 1997
Bayer Pulls from Deal
cites impasse with local government

Thu, Dec 18, 1997
DPP and KMT inch closer to Cooperation
historic shift in power needs careful planning

Wed, Dec 17, 1997
China Summit
also: Taiwan news, and a short note on KMT/army connections

Tue, Dec 16, 1997
Military will not support Independence
defence chiefs says army must defend constitution

Mon, Dec 15, 1997
Asia's Economics
Asean members agree to form trading block; in China, labour problems . . .

Thu, Dec 11, 1997
market woes, conferences and Microsoft

Wed, Dec 3, 1997
DPP Reaffirms Independence Plank
elsewhere: Jiang Zemin pushes 'relativity'

Tue, Dec 2, 1997
Beijing warns DPP
historical ties bind Taiwan to mainland, Beijing claims

Mon, Dec 1, 1997
DPP Wins Big
party moves to settle market's anxiety, and KMT retreats to reflect on poor showing

Mon, Nov 24, 1997
Election Coverage:
KMT revs up machine in crucial local elections

Sat, Nov 22, 1997
Crime and Diplomacy
how a hostage crisis takes on foreign dimensions in Taiwan

Mon, Nov 17, 1997
Wei convalesces in Detroit
Clinton administration is subdued in its reaction

Sun, Nov 16, 1997
Wei Jingsheng Exiled to US
but human rights group say thousands more languish in jails

Wed, Nov 12, 1997
Election Coverage:
KMT targets Taipei's mayor

Tue, Nov 11, 1997
Pres. Lee says he was misquoted
in other news: concerns for police and government authority in Hong Kong SAR

Mon, Nov 10, 1997
Lee asserts Taiwan is an independent, sovereign nation
meanwhile, damage control tries to explain it as misunderstanding

Thu, Nov 6, 1997
Election Coverage:
DPP hardliner accuses party's chair of colluding with communist China

Wed, Nov 5, 1997
Taiwan's campaigns heat up
Lee stands behind pension promise despite charges of vote buying, and more . . .

Tue, Nov 4, 1997
Summit Coverage:
government says summit ended turmoil in relations

Mon, Nov 3, 1997
Summit Coverage:
ambiguity of Jiang's words prompts foreign minister to denies change on Tiananmen

Sat, Nov 1, 1997
Summit Coverage:
At Harvard Jiang expounds on history and answers questions about today

Thu, Oct 30, 1997
Summit Coverage:
Jiang Zemin's Drexel trip, short but electrifying

Wed, Oct 29, 1997
Summit Coverage:
Jiang and Clinton have an unprecedented open and frank discussion in front of reporters

Tue, Oct 28, 1997
Summit Coverage:
Jiang is in Williamsburg

Thu, Oct 23, 1997
Hang Seng brings markets tumbling
and the end is not here

Wed, Oct 22, 1997
Tung in London
London pleased with developments in SAR

Tue, Oct 21, 1997
Political prisoners, Taiwan, and Tibet:
the issues move to center stage as Jiang gets closer to American soil

Mon, Oct 20, 1997
Summit Coverage:
an editorial on moving the discourse to a new plateau of understanding

Sun, Oct 19, 1997
Sino-US understanding
areas of differences; and taking the first steps to mutual understanding

Thu, Oct 16, 1997
Remarks from Evergreen's Chang stir KMT
officials say time is not right to discuss 'three direct links'

Wed, Oct 15, 1997
Strait update: Beijing to accept Taipei as 'equal entity'?
and Premier Siew advocates 'shared sovereignty' to resolve differences

Tue, Oct 14, 1997
Taipei and Pyongyang in talks to exchange trade offices?
Foreign minister says it's premature to discuss the subject

Mon, Oct 13, 1997
Lien Chan cuts trip short
Beijing's pressure stops VP before Spain

Thu, Oct 9, 1997
After progress report, Tung takes to the air
Chief executive fields questions on live radio talk show

Wed, Oct 8, 1997
Tung gives first post-handover report
Chief executive reassures markets as he outlines ambitious government plans and closer contacts with mainland

Tue, Oct 7, 1997
Summit News
preparations continue as various sides press their agendas

Mon, Oct 6, 1997
Three Gorges Dam project enters next stage
opening of diversionary canal leaves damming work to be done

Sat, Oct 4, 1997
Saturday Edition

Thu, Oct 2, 1997
National Day ushers forth new laws for theaters
Meanwhile, in Hong Kong three youths are arrested for desecrating national flags

Wed, Oct 1, 1997
National Day in Beijing and Hong Kong
people's spirits are high with nationalistic pride, papers report

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