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Sun, Mar 2, 1997
Perspectives on Deng

also: Hong Kong's new chief executive ranks priorities; and more . . .

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Deng Xiaoping: the March 3 issue of Time Magazine devotes its cover story to Deng Xiaoping and China.

Perspective: Jonathan D. Spence, professor of Chinese history at Yale University, weighs in with an assessment of Deng Xiaoping the leader. In his short Time Magazine piece entitled, Deng Xiaoping As Past And Prologue, Spence offers historical perspective on the dynamics of leadership and power, wealth and modernization.

Time Magazine has created a Deng Xiaoping's thought expose. It's rather well done, for it draws out the tensions, contradictions and the visions of the man and his time.

Time also has a picture view of China's reaction to Deng's death. And the world's reaction is here.

More Time stories include:

Hong Kong: Chief Executive-designate Tung Chee-hwa said that concern for people's livelihood and welfare matters, rather than political liberty, are the real concerns in Hong Kong, reports the South China Morning Post.

The paper also reports that Tung Chee-hwa will not appoint judges to the new SAR.

Party politics: Political system shuns the West is a China Daily headline. The story quotes a senior representative to the National People's Congress who said that China's political and economic modernization does not aim to copy the "parliamentarian system or the multi-party system as practised in the West." The development of "socialist democracy," an improved "socialist legal framework", the elimination of "bureaucracy", and bringing the "initiative of the people into full play" are all important aims of China's modernization, reports the paper.

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