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Site history

4 Oct 1997:
implemented the search system. All current and past issues are searchable from the News Index page.

20 Sep 1997:
moved to our new home at, along the way reorganizing some pages into the contents section.

4 Sep 1997:
inaugurated 'enhanced' Taiwan news component which provides more comprehensive news from the island.

3 Sep 1997:
began publication after taking the summer off.

6 Apr 1997:
shuffled things around today---added the About This Site page and reorganized the Mail page. Moved the Statement of Purpose to the new page to make room on the editor page.

5 Apr 1997:
this page was added. I have also put up my PGP key to allow readers to contact me and be assured of their privacy.

23 Mar 1997:
added the headline index system and reorganized the pages. Readers can now scan all the headlines on one page and jump to whichever day's issue they want. The archived issues are themselves linked to each other in chronological order, and the archive contains all past and current issues, including today's. The aim here is to provide readers with flexibility and quick-reference. Some may wish to link directly to the News Archive Index page instead of this one. Either way the same issues are available.

Today also marked the first issue which carried partial or full translations of Chinese news stories.

21 Feb 1997:
China Informed went public today.

19 Feb 1997:
ran the headline "Deng Xiaoping Dies at 92". I was in class when news of Deng's death filtered in. After the previous day's reports down playing the seriousness of his situation the news of his death took me by surprise and I missed the opportunity to open for business on this day.

10 Feb 1997:
began the service to a limited audience of friends and family.

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