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20 September 1997

Dear reader:

We welcome well-written and thoughtful letters and comments about all aspects of China Informed. You may direct your mail to, and you may use our PGP key to sign and encrypt your letter.

Some guidelines for submitting mail: we receive a fair number of comments on the service, many of which do not need to be shared with readers. Occasionally, however, we receive mail from people who have some rather strong opinions about the service, our editorial decisions, or events in China and elsewhere. I am more than happy to publish these letters, if I think they bring an interesting and thoughtful perspective to an issue.

  • Readers should be feeling civil and honest when they write. Unfriendly and inflammatory messages will be neither published nor acknowledged.

  • Readers should assume that letters to the editor could be published without prior notification.

  • If you want your comments to me kept private, please explicitly state this in your message to me. I will respect the decision and not publish them.

  • Under no circumstances will I publish an unsigned letter. Letters must be accompanied by your full e-mail address and name; sending an unsigned letter demonstrates a lack of courage on your part. If you do not want your e-mail address made public, it will be withheld upon request.


Matthew Sinclair-Day

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