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Welcome to China Informed, a news service focused exclusively on China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Each issue of China Informed provides a timely digest of news and information. We aim for balanced and accurate coverage; perspective from different points of view; and a well-rounded diet of political, social and less-commonly reported news. Not only do we report the news. We report about the news. And this makes China Informed both unique and useful to readers who have interests in, or ties to, greater China.

Our goal is to publish an issue four to five times a week, with additional ones added when time permits and with an occasional one subtracted when circumstances require it. The latest edition is usually posted in the evening hours (-6 GMT), and readers will find it convenient to set a bookmark for that page. The previous edition is also available. An archive of all current and past issues is available to the public, and we encourage readers to utilize this resource. Inside you will also find more information about this site and our policies.

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